The Art of Screen Printing

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Some people may say that screen printing is just putting some ink on a garment, but thats not true. Screen printing is an art. Its more than just buying a piece of cheap equipment off ebay or watching a youtube video and making some shirts in your garage. Thats a great way to start but to make it a business, it takes professional equipment and experience in printing and design.

To truly make a great look shirt, you have to understand how to create artwork that prints nicely. Printing a single color shirt is a simple process but to make it look great, takes understanding the screen mesh, the type of ink and even the fabric you are printing on. To truly print a multi color print, it takes understanding separations in the design process, half tones to maximize colors and prints, fabric drying temperatures and amount of ink that a fabric can handle.

Screen printing is an art. Let our experience in design and print create awesome looking apparel for you. SplatInk Screen Printing has over 20 years of graphic design and over 10 years experience in printing. We also offer over 19,000 different items to print your logo or design on. Give us a call today to start your project.



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