At Splat Ink Screen Printing and Promotional Products, we take pride in designing creative designs. When you are designing you shirts, here are a couple things to think about.

The most interesting and eye-catching screen printed t-shirts have multiple print locations. We always recommend going beyond just a plain front-print-only t-shirt and adding your logo, name, or accent graphic elsewhere on your tee. For other garments like hoodies, sweatpants, towels, bags, etc. we have specific print locations, but here’s where we print on tees:

Full Front

The ideal size for a large, bold graphic. Recommended print size if only printing on one side.

Chest Print

A smaller front print….


We can print on a shirt pocket, directly above it, or where a pocket would be placed on a pocket-less tee. We recommend printing your logo here if you are interested on doing a full back graphic.


An ideal location for logos, dates, event names, numbers and accent graphics. Can be paired with any other print and can print one or both sleeves. We are also able to print down the sleeves of long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.


When printing names or words like “staff” or “volunteer”, the standard location is this shoulders print. Popular neck print designs include single-color logos and QR codes.


Almost always full back prints are combined with chest prints or pocket prints. It is very common to keep the front of a t-shirt simple with just a logo and do big, full color graphics on the back.


This print is located a few inches above the shirt seam and stretches from hip to hip. For those that don’t want the same old shoulders print, we suggest printing here for a more interesting and memorable t-shirt.